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=Problems with the incident=
=Problems with the incident=
We have only William Branham's word as to what took place.  Given his significant problems with [[Credibility]], we can not take his version of the events as true.
We have only William Branham's word as to what took place.  Given his significant problems with [[Credibility]], we can not take his version of the events as true without corroborating evidence.  
=Incident retold by William Branham=
=Incident retold by William Branham=

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The private room at Clifton's Cafeteria in LA, California, where Danny Henry prophecied over William Branham.

William Branham had just stepped off the platform after speaking at a broadcast Full Gospel Business Men's breakfast in early 1961, when he was greeted by a Baptist man named Danny Henry who said ""Brother Branham, not to be sacrilegious, but that could've made the 23rd chapter of Revelation." Danny Henry then asked to pray for William Branham, and began speaking a prophecy in another language. This prophecy is unusual in a number of ways:

  1. The prophecy was spoken in French.
  2. Danny Henry had no knowledge of the French language.
  3. Danny Henry was a Baptist (unusual to speak in tongues),
  4. Three French speaking people were present: A woman from Louisiana, a man named Victor Le Doux from Los Angeles, and a French interpreter for the United Nations. Each of these people gave the same interpretation of the prophecy, and Victor Le Doux signed a copy of the prophecy with the following words:
The Prophecy

Because you have chosen the narrow path, the harder way, by your own choosing.

You have picked the precise and correct way, and it is MY WAY.

What a glorious decision you have made.

Because of this momentous decision, a huge portion of Heaven awaits you.

This in itself is that which will make, and bring to pass, the tremendous victory in the love Divine.

I, Victor Le Doux, am a full-blooded Frenchman; born- again Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit. My address is 809 North King Road, Los Angeles 46. I attend the Bethel Temple, Pastor Arne Vick, pastor. A true translation that I proclaim, of prophecy said over Brother Branham, given by Danny Henry in French, February the 11th, 1961, at the Full Gospel Business Men's breakfast. A true translation of the prophecy.

Problems with the incident

We have only William Branham's word as to what took place. Given his significant problems with Credibility, we can not take his version of the events as true without corroborating evidence.

Incident retold by William Branham

And I was preaching in Los Angeles, at the Business Men's breakfast. And Something there just laying down on those organizations, and there set the head man of the Assemblies, and many of the great dignitaries had gathered in there. And when I got through speaking and started to leave the platform, getting ready... Cause, the Message was being sent out across the--the--the nation, on radio, and had to change back. During this change, when they cut off the radio, then, to send that Message out, and come back and announce the station. And I was at Clifton's, where we have the breakfast. And as I was walking from the upper platform to the lower, a fine handsome-looking young fellow of about thirty years old, run forth and threw his arms around me. He said, "I'm Danny Henry." And not knowing that that was his brother doing the televising. And, uh, it televises there for the Christian Business Men. And it's Jane Russell, that movie star, her cousin. Her mother is a Pentecostal preacher.
And then when they started running to me, and he throwed his arms around me, and said, "God bless you, Brother Branham." He said, "I hope this don't sound sacrilegious, but, to my way of seeing it, that Message could be the 23rd chapter of Revelation." And when he said that, he started speaking in tongues. A boy who had never even heard of such a thing, a Baptist by denomination. And as soon as... He turned white, and he looked at me. He didn't know what to do. There is man setting here was there. Were you there, Fred? How many was there at that time? Yeah, there is the three here, was there at that time. And he didn't know what to say.
And there was a great big French woman setting down here. She raised up, she said, "Why, that don't need any interpretation. That was purely French."
The boy said, "I don't know one word of French." And she had wrote down what he said.
And then there was a man setting on the corner, he said, "That's correct. I've got wrote down what he said, is French." Way back in the back, a blond-headed, handsome-looking fellow, standing up against the wall, come forward and compared notes. He was the interpreter for the U.N., for French. And this man over here was Victor Le Doux, of the Arne Vick church out there, and he wrote it down.
Sermon: Standing in the Gap, Jeffersonville, IN, June 23, 1963.
"I got through just tearing the churches to pieces, telling them how they were doing evil, and the things they were doing, rejecting God..." (The True Easter Seal, Jeffersonville, IN, April 2, 1961)
Danny Henry don't know... like myself, he hardly knows good English, let alone French. If you notice in there, it's like the French language, they put the verb before the adverb. And the interpretation of all three was exactly alike." (On the Wings of a Snow White Dove, Shreveport, LA, Nov 28, 1965)