Ohio River flood of 1937

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William Branham prophecied in 1936 that a flood would cover Jeffersonville and New Albany, Indiana, and that the water would rise 22 feet over Spring Street. Many people ridiculed William Branham, with even the old-timers recalling that the flood of 1884 was only 6 inches over Spring Street.

William Branham retold this prophecy and the events of the flood in 1961 in the sermon "Revelation Chapter 4":

Predicting that flood would come, I said, "I seen them measure twenty-two feet over Spring Street down here."
Old Brother Jim Wisehart and them laughed at me. You remember that, Brother George? He said, "Oh, Billy, in '84 it only was about six inches on Spring Street."
I said, "I seen a man come down from the skies, and take a measure stick, and stick it there on Spring Street, said twenty-two feet."
He said, "You're just excited."
I said, "I'm not excited. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
Ask them how many feet was over Spring Street: twenty-two feet to the inch. Exactly. And that old Bible where I had been preaching on that night... She started raining, the floods breaking through and so forth, and this old church... The seats went right straight up to the ceiling, the Bible went right straight up to the ceiling, washing through here with all that water raising it up. The pulpit went right straight up. They come right down; and every seat set right back in the same place, and the Bible laid right back in the same place, and all that water, and still opened up, the same chapter at the same place. "Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never pass away."
Photographs of the Ohio river flood of 1937:

Jeffersonville, Indiana - Citizens Trust Co.
Louisville, Kentucky

New Albany, Indiana - East Spring Street
New Albany, Indiana - West Spring Street
Cincinnati, Ohio - Coney Island

Frankfort, Kentucky - Bridge Street

Cincinnati, Ohio - Ohio Pattern Works

Railroad tracks - landslide

Keep in mind that all of these photos were taken after the water started to recede. The actual crest of the water was higher than photographed due to inaccessibility, rain, and cloud cover.