Fulfillment of Prayer for Great Men of the World

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In May 1946 an Angel spoke to William Branham and said:
Do not fear, I am sent from the presence of the Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world. If you will be sincere when you pray and can get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer. You will go into many parts of the earth and will pray for kings, monarchs, potentates, and great men of the world. You will preach to multitudes the world over and thousands will come to you for counsel. You must tell them that their thoughts speak louder in heaven than their words. [1]

In spite of the criticism William Branham received from local ministers and friends for telling them about this encounter, and in spite of his grade 7 education and grammar, this prophecy was exactly how the rest of his life unfolded.

The following list are some of the most noted people that William Branham met personally in the 19 years after this prophecy:


  • Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India [4]
  • William David Upshaw, Democratic Congressman
  • Richard Nixon, President of the United States[5]

Per-service Crowds
  • Finland: 20,000 [6]
  • Mexico: 25,000 [7]
  • South Africa: 50,000 [8]
  • India: 300,000 - 500,0000 [7] [9]

Portions of the crowds that gathered in East London, Durban City Hall, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town, South Africa.
Great Men

  • Baron Frary Von Blomberg (Germany) [10]
  • Mayor of Durban [8] [11]
  • Mayor of Bombay, Mr. D.V. Patel [9]
  • Acharya Tulsi, Head of the Jain Terapanth[12]

  • Dr. Adolph Guggenbuhl (Swiss Lawyer)
  • F.F. Bosworth (Evangelist)
  • Oral Roberts (Evangelist)
  • Archbishop Palai (India) [13]
  • Archbishop J.S. Williams (India) [14]

  • Various Doctors [15]
  • Various State Senators [16]
  • Dean of Lutheran College [17]
  • Catholic Newspaper in Mexico [18]

I've been to studies. And in my room, the--some of the best of doctors across the nations has come. You don't know the back of a life, friend, to know what's been, and things I don't tell out in public. Men come secretly, and don't you think there ain't a lot of Nicodemuses yet in the world; it sure is, thousands of them. (Sermon: Demonology, June 8, 1953)


Invitation to meet religious leaders in India.
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