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Introductory Website

The introductory website was written and designed by Jeremy Bergen, Rod Bergen and James Rozak. James Rozak was also responsible for graphic design and Flash programming - The video clips were produced by Michael Rae and Phil Ashdown, and the narration for the videos was provided by Tom Rae.

Main Website

The contents of the information website were developed and written by a number of volunteer editors and assistants. While we can't mention all of them, there are a few who have put deserve mention for the amount of time that they have put into the site:

  • Jeremy Bergen - senior editor
  • Rod Bergen - webmaster and technical support
  • Shelley Eijbersen - Technical support and skin development.
  • Lynne Barrios - Responsible for healing line quote project, training
  • Jordan Peterson - Editing, training and general assistance
  • Robert Wilson - Mediawiki extensions for Bible references, and embedded audio and video. -

The BelieveTheSign website utilizes MediaWiki, an open source wiki that can be downloaded at The site skin is based on the Gumax skin which can be downloaded at

Logo and utilize a distinctive logo that includes the Pillar of Fire and the Cloud. This logo was jointly developed by: David Adimora, Ken Andes, Jeremy Bergen, and James Rozak.

As the logo includes the photo of The Pillar of Fire and The Cloud, certain precautions should be taken to ensure it is not vandalized or missused. This logo is well suited for use on the internet and video, as these formats are not easily vandalized. If the logo is to be used for any other purposes (i.e. billboards, business-style cards, shirts, etc...) care should be taken that these are not placed in an area that can be vandalized, or misused. Please visit to download a copy of the logo or a business-card file.

The resource website at provides resource material for letting people know about the BelieveTheSign website. It was developed by Joe Barone and Rod Bergen.

Picture of the earth

This file is in the public domain because it was created by NASA. NASA copyright policy states that "NASA material is not protected by copyright unless noted".