The story of breaking the sheep's leg

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William Branham was fond of the story of a shepherd who had a wayward sheep, one that loved to run off. In order to teach the sheep a lesson, the shepherd would break the leg of the sheep and then bind it. The sheep wound then be carried around by the shepherd until its leg was healed and would then learn to love the shepherd and never leave him again.

Is the story true?

According to an article by Dustin Germain, there is absolutely no truth to this story. There is no corroborating or independent evidence that shepherds would break the log of a sheep.

There is certainly no scripture to back up this story. As Dustin writes:

...breaking an animals leg-any animal, is risky thing. The animal could easily die from the trauma of the injury, and if not trauma then infection can set in and kill it that way. Or the sheep could very well be crippled for life, or have his legs heal in a deformed manner.

Quotes of William Branham

The old shepherd story that was told there in Jerusalem in the Holy Lands of the shepherd was packing a—a sheep, and he said, "What you packing it for?" Said, "It's got a broken leg." Said, "How did it do that? Fall over a cliff?" Said, "No, I broke its leg."

He said, "Why, you're a cruel shepherd to break that sheep's leg." Said, "No, I loved it." And said, "It was going astray and I couldn't make it mind me, so I broke its leg so I could give it some extra attention. So then it would love me and follow me."

Sometimes God has to let us break down just a little bit in health to give us a little extra attention, to get us up on His lap, to woo us up in His bosom when the doctor said nothing can be done, then He take us into His bosom, say, "See, I love you. I'm going to let you get well." See? Oh, doesn't that just make life a little better?[1]


  1. William Branham, 55-0109E - Beginning And Ending Of The Gentile Dispensation, para. 39-40