The gift of divine healing

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Did William Branham have the gift of divine healing?

Quotes of William Branham

As I have testified to you that I am not a preacher, I just merely have the gift of Divine healing, which I humbly say, it comes from God. I had nothing to do with it coming. I was—it was foreordained of God years and years ago. I had nothing to do…[1]

Many times, here's what causes them to criticize on the Full Gospel people. An article was writ in the paper here not long ago to a man that said, "The Lord gave me the gift of Divine healing." Said, "He come down in the room, and picked me up, and put me up before His throne, and set me down. He said, 'Son,' He said, 'I'm giving you the gift of Divine healing.'" Quickly, that's wrong. There is no such a thing as the gift of Divine healing. There's no such a thing in the Scripture. "And He said, 'I'm giving you power to open blind eyes, to unstop deaf ears, to cast out demons, to make the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk.'" And he come back to earth, and so forth, and do this.[2]

Satan, you who bound this poor little woman to take her life, I come in this challenge of faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, claiming the gift of Divine healing ministered to me by an Angel. Come out from the woman through Jesus Christ's Name. Now… Amen.[3]

Now, if—if you were sick and I said, "I have a gift of Divine healing." A gift of Divine healing is nothing but faith in Divine healing. That's all it is: have faith. Everybody have faith in Divine healing has a gift of Divine healing, 'cause that's all it is. Now, that don't make them a Divine Healer no more than it makes the man that believes in salvation a—a Divine Saviour.[4]


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