Judas the Healer

From BelieveTheSign

William Branham taught that Judas Iscariot was given the gift of healing by Jesus Christ.


  • “That's what Judas Iscariot was. And what would--did he do? Was he one of the fellows that was against Christ? Why, he was the treasurer, walked with Him (Certainly.), walked right along with them, went out there, and cast out devils, and done just exactly what they did.” (Second Seal)
  • “Judas took the place of treasurer, and fell by money. So does the church of this day!” (Fourth Seal)


  • If Judas had the gift of healing, how can William Branham's healing ministry be evidence that he was Elijah the prophet?
  • If Judas fell for money, does it matter that Voice of God Recordings had $110,000,000 in assets when they filed their 2011 tax return? Does it matter that Sarah Branham wrote a letter disclosing that her father was independently wealthy when he passed away, despite his 'backwoods' demeanor?